Monday, 2 February 2009

Claim your Wellies!

3 photos taken at 3 different parts in the country- we are more alike than we think!

I'll give you a clue im the first- CLAIM YOUR WELLIES GIRLS! this really made me laugh, that even though we have all done different things today we all took this photo.

here are another couple on my way to work today

this is the park over the road from my house love this photo. but i was heading for a day here

thankfully not customer based i spend my day staring at this building

But i did get to enjoy the snow last night, yes i made rob change out of his dressing gown and into some winter woolies at 10pm to go and play in the park but it was worth it coz i love my photos

But the snow wasnt here till sunday, so rewind to Friday, when i had my 1 month late birthday meal at ASK in weatherby with my folks and his folks

We had a really nice meal and it was really nice, just a shame the sisters couldnt make it.
Saturday brought more overtime and a trip to my mates house for a spot of scrapping and more baby cuddles, this is the most i have ever seen a baby ever!

now i know they say babies change alot but i think little ALex looks completely different to last week when i last saw him,he is loads bigger and not to use this word that was used on me so much as a child 'Sturdy' either way hes a cutie, and im seeing him again on saturday maybe he will be walking by then.

I managed this layout while i was there

These photos are last May time where we saw a bit of sun, i have used the fabulous piccasa with a bit of gogo a bit of this and a bit of that, inc my new thickers yum!

While i was there i got this totally cool bench, and Erika as just going to throw it out- it goes great in my tiny kitchen and just what we needed.

Sunday brought more scrapping, i finished this which i had started the day before..

Using 'Life at the Pole' by Sassafras a photo of me and my sisters (believe it or not) on xmas day journal reads about how we only get one photo together a year depending on when nicky gets her self home from Melbourne where she lives now- and where she is slowly melting

No i dont feel sorry for her either!

I also managed to get this layout done on sunday too

Aquatica i loved this place even though i hate water, it was so clean and bright and pretty sad but true, i am slowly making my way through my Florida photos very slowly but i am trying.

right that was a crazy long post sorry and its only been 2 days, back to working week now so nothing much happens from here on it so enjoy it while it lasts, im planning to look at some of the challenge blogs to get my scrapping this week.

thanks for looking xxx


Laura said...

Mine are wellies number 2!!!

Love this! so funny! x

klmpink said...

So jealous of the wellies my boots are still soaked through from this morning!!!

How spooky is it that we used two of the same papers on our layout yesterday!!

Errol was only a tenner from IKEA so you could probably get 3 to replace your trees!

my5bratz said...

my dd wanted to buy a pair yesterday...cept its the middle of summer here in

great pics, wish it'd snow here :0)

some fantastic LOs in there as well, tfs :0)

Kate said...

Love your snow pictures! They are so cute. I almost wish I was there in the UK!

voodoo vixen said...

Love the wellies... how amazing you all took the same pic!
Love all your pages and your kitchen table thingy is brill... think I would knick it for my scraproom!

Angela said...

Rachel I love your layouts and read your blog regularly to check out what you have created. I love the scalloped circle background in your 'Memories' lo - can you tell me where your got hold of this or did you cut it yourself?

Anonymous said...

I have my wellies too, 2 pairs, but not done a piccie yet... should do though!!
Love the LOs as per.
Was just wondering do you know Morwenna? I used to write to her and swear she works where you do....

lindschick said...

Love the photos, great wellie photos. I justhave a boring green pair but Charlotte my DD has a lovely pair of marshmallow wellies.The LO's are gorgeous, those papers are yum.

scrappyfairy said...


I love it!

Julia Dunnit said...

Loved your long post - your park photos are great, and your LOs are fabby.

Jazzy1972 said...

Brilliant photo's fab scrapping as always, I love this blog. You are a major source on inspiration to me. I have given you an award on my blog. Jay xx

kathj said...

great layouts! and he is such a cutie.


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