Wednesday, 21 January 2009


Lots of fun things to show you that I've been getting recently......

It started on sunday when my Sarah Cards Kt arrived, first month with the kit and i love it, its so busy and bright tons of buttons and loads of embellishments its very yummy! i have made 1 1/2 layouts so far its very summery so lots of older photos i should of scrapped maybe!

this is just a random photo of my desk, i love milk i dont do tea or coffee so there is often a glass of milk on my desk

now this was mondays purchase its a shocking photo looks loads nicer on and on website but it wouldnt let me steal the photo, my fab new raincoat from next its all dotty and fun! having looked on the next website it apparently fits in the pocket, i did wonder why it had a huge zip on but i love it!

on monday night i did a little order from the craft emporium to get me few more sheets of the papers from the gogo kit coz i love them...... oh and some rub ons too

i also got tons of rik rak, i got lots so im not tight with it and have enough to actually use lol shame no red though

and i did a little order from sarah cards as well as these i got some herma and glossy accents and some dabbers well the new tops so half fun and half normal. this was a bit naughty as i have tons left really but i dont have any brown and little blue so never mind

what next.... oh yes shoes, this was random, just walking through town thought i would nip into barretts so i managed to get this puppies lol

hush puppies for £15 bargain! and real leather no more primarni for me lol

while i was there i figured i'd look for some new work shoes i only really have my boots so i found these, half normal for work well they are black and half fun i think and they are rocket dogs which i love!

so bit naughty really but thats all my naughtyness for a while now. In other news i had a wee sort of my desk my SIL (to be maybe) got me these really cute boxes for xmas, rob stole one for his dvds and lola stole one for her goodies so this is what i had left so i have sorted stuff out cute arent they?

and finally some more lovely lola photos from her birthday yesterday, i am loving my new camera on these lola photos esp compared to the early ones of her and i thought i would never get a proper photo of her ever!!!!

see ......

much better now

i love love love this photo this is how we see her most we take the top of this section of her house (we dont use the cage word) and she pops her little head out lol and it just so happens that these photos go great with the new gogo!

she also helped me with some DT work i was doing

sorry huge post, i am trying to blog more but it takes ages and its freezing in the bedroom where i blog!
Just a quick have a fabulous time to my lovely matey LAURA!!!!!! who is off to CHA with the other GOGO girls! jealous me



~Vicki~ said...

oh my gosh, those shoes are GORGEOUS!!!!! love them. wee tiny lola is a cutie, thanks for commenting on my blog xx

Ayesha said...

i love those shoes and all the stash im off too sarahs cards now hehe

Alix said...

wow you have been busy with old flexible friend *how jealous does that make me???* lol

loving your new shoes and stash...what more could you wish for!!

lindschick said...

Wow you've had a lovely buy. Great lot of lovely stash & that rain coat is lovely. Lola is so cute, great pics of her.

Julia Dunnit said...

Hey big spenda! Me & DD have loved scrolling thru - your LOs are lovely and Lola is such a sweetie.

Jo Power said...

Lovely Hush Puppies and all that stash. Those boxes are cute too.


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