Tuesday, 20 January 2009

A Proper Girlie

Hurray blogger has finally decided to play! This is a lo i did using the jan gogo kit of our lovely lola, the title reads' You may hang upside down chew on bars but we know you are a proper girlies'! Cutest photo of her 'playing' on my desk she found the nail varnish very exciting lol

Lola had a sleep in and didnt get up until 9.20 so we let her have 2 of her advent days from her advent calender... yes she still has it, we also got some pretty cute photos.

thanks for looking guys xxx


Ayesha said...

love that LO your pet is cool i had a hampster when i was young that always escaped lol

Julia Dunnit said...

Love your style! And Lola, ahh, once you've had a hammie, you're in love witht them for ever. Our cloudy used to love spaghetti, and christmas pudding.

Jenny said...

Sweet! Love the little alphas on the LO, so cute x x


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