Sunday, 25 January 2009

Babies, Drinking, Dancing, Parks, lunch! and new hair

Woah!!!!! i very busy weekend for me, i usually do my few hours of overtime on a saturday morning come home look at my stash make egg and soldiers and watch 'little people big world' and john and kate plus 8' on discovery home and health and then scrap all day and sunday. So this weekend was very different, i worked then my lovely friend came around with her gorgeous baby Alex who is 2 mths old.

This baby was secretly tired but would he go to sleep??? would he heck lol

So a lovely afternoon with natalie and Alex then Trina popped round with cutie chloe, who i hadnt met properly even though she is now 5 mths old

Trina thought she would test out how it felt to have 2 babies hmmmmm it didnt last long lol


So the evening could not of been any different to my baby filled day, i dont do going out but it was a friends birthday so we put our glad rags on and headed out in the rain, me and rob hit some bars on our own to catch a few cheap drinks, well Leeds on a saturday night can get pricey!

This means i've finished my drink and require another!

On the way home in the rain we stopped for a slice of pizza which was yummy and ran home, the rain had got pretty heavy then so i used my pizza paper plate as a shelter

Safely inside the lift at home we took our usual in the lift in the mirror photo

And this which is random but i really like

So that was my night, the next day we were due to get the care from robs parents at 11, so as it wasnt raining we thought we would go to Temple Newsam it was pretty muddy but we had fun

After that we headed to a lovely pub for sunday lunch, so overall a very busy but great weekend.

Oh Yes i cut my hair if you hadnt noticed here are my before and after pics

A grand total of 6 inches off!!!!!! thats tons but i like it so thats good.
I do have some layouts to share although i havent scraped all weekend but the light was naf by the time i got back today so will do it asap.

thanks for stopping by x


~Vicki~ said...

wow looks like you had a fun weekend, love the hair x

Trina said...

You look fab all dressed up for your night out!

And it's not my fault we kept missing each other lol

Chloe loved her cuddles though, and you looked right at home with a baby on your knee!

klmpink said...

Hair looks great Rach!

jay670120 said...

PHEWWWWW ! is what springs to mind xxx OOOh you lucky thing actually seeing Nats baby in the flesh us doodling daisies have to just put up with pics xxx He's a cutie though x

Sarah said...

Hair looks great - sounds like an awesome weekend

Take care

{ Emma } said...

Awwww you're hair looks gorgeous. My hair is about as long as yours was so you've made me think maybe it wouldn't be quite so bad if I got some cut off!

It really suits you.


Rachael said...

Like the hair Rachel, great photos and aren't those babies just the sweetest!!
I have tagged you, have a look at my blog xx

Kerry said...

Looks like a fun weekend.

I love Temple Newsam but haven't been for ages. Must pay a trip there soon.

kelly said...

lovely pics the babies are so cute


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