Sunday, 4 January 2009

A Birthday in a Blink!

So i had a birthday or did i????

I am literally about better now so this week has been very non eventful including my birthday, my parents and sister came to visit but then went shopping but me and rob were too poorly to go. So we had a day of sitting on the sofa this was my day 4 of sitting though so pretty boring, although its not often me and rob just sit and watch a film without me getting up to 'play' at my desk or do some jobs so that was nice.

So i thought i would take a few photos of my presents i got for xmas/ birthday

These are all our presents as how we unpacked from the car... this is how they stayed for a while as too dead to move them

I got a chocolate machine, i have always always wanted one of these literally since forever! so very exciting present, its now sat on my desk coz im too tight to pay 10p for a choc lol

This is a mix of birthday and xmas, i got my fab pink mat for my birthday from robs parents so i dont mark my beautiful desk, and some lovely sassafras stamps, ribbon, herma and super white pen from my sister for xmas, and some dudey stickers from rob.

I got rob this pretty cool vintage mickey mouse calender

This is our huge chocolate table which we have no chance of beating

I used my birthday and xmas money to get this cute little toaster oh sorry i mean printer

Some fabby dvds- juno being my fav of 2008

A Sassafras Brolley- surely not, looks darn like it to me but no its from next! erm copywrite

isnt it beautiful???

This is also beautiful my new doormat from paperchase- its so pretty but i worry someone will steal it :(

ad of course i got my fabulous desk of my lovely fella yippeee!

I've mainly been doing my DT stuff last night and today so thats all done now so i cant share it which is a bummer but im sure i can soon.

so thats all for now, back to work tomo, bit of a shock to the system

have a good one x


~Vicki~ said...

glad you had a great birthday, i love that umberella!! very cute xx

mandijane said...

Great pressies but I REALLY love that brolly....
Glad you're feeling better


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