Monday, 29 December 2008


First of all Merry Christmas to you all hope you all had a fabulous day.

I went home (to my parents) on the 23rd where i caught up with my mate Ol which is always a giggle, then caught up on some JYC in the evening- yet to be photographed.Also i had some fabulous news from my friend Laura but ill wait till she blog posts about it.

Christmas Eve- was a bit hectic i went 'down the town' and bought a super cute toy for little lola, then headed to my biggest sisters house before we went on to the pub with our friend Tanya all very nice.

SO CHRISTMAS DAY!- i was trying to have a little sleep in at least 8.30 as i hadnt been sleeping coz of the stupid next door neighbours screaming children, thanks god we dont have any of that here.

My dad had been up first to get the turkey in so when i went down the tree was lit

and my presents were sat waiting ......exciting!

After our usual taking it in turns to open presents which takes a while, we were done about 9.30- i got tons of lovely things, next came the usual phonecalls to my granny and my big sis Helen (who had a bad cough)

Anyway they all arrived about 12 as did my rob who had driven up from Leeds that morning hurray!

more photos

my mam still likes us in matching outfits

story here apparently i use the word FUN all the time (pretty sure i dont) so that was the word of the day so this is my dad being fun!

me and my presents

us girlies

a me and he shot

The whole family- i was keen to get this one for one we are never all together the whole sister living at the other side of the world causes problems and for 2nd we took one last yr but my head was covering my grandads whole head so it wasnt a family photo so am very chuffed to have this

everyone do something fun!

we all got new slippers

The 5 originals

the grandchildren

So all in all a great day and i managed to get loads of free songs from amazon so thats very exciting.

Boxing Day- woke up with a bit of a cough which i wasnt impressed with. for the now last 3 years in a row i have been poorly on boxing day not just a little poorly but stupidly poorly.

So we packed everything in the car and i mean packed and drove to Leeds to have XMAS 2 at robs parents wasnt quite so photo crazy but got this one.

really like the angle of this, after lunch we had some games, as the day wore on i felt poorlier and poorlier hot/ cold ick ick ick.

by the time we left i felt shocking.. and so it started and since then i have been poorly, complete and full on flu, i havent even had the energy to unpack my presents :(
not been sleeping very well either so not been very fun.

But its my birthday tomo so im trying to pull myself around which is easier said than done!

so we will see how that goes

thanks for listening x

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