Sunday, 21 December 2008

Weekend Update

Hi all, are we feeling festive yet? i dont know you, hoping when i go home home this week i will.

Anyway i got catching up JYC on friday night (party animal huh!)

All the way back to the 16th- Grateful, this year i have scrapped about my sister being home from melbourne for xmas


17th- i saw this and thought of you, i knew exactly what i wanted to do this year, my dad asked for a a camping pan, how was i supposed to know it was a special type so i just got him a little pan! he found ti highly amusing!

18th-This is all about the Yorkies- my dad makes the best yorkshire puddings ever

19th- Xmas list- i want the whole world ill admit it!

Well thats as caught up as i've got, i have had a visitor this weekend in the shape of my sister here, photos on the other computer but have got a few when my parents came to pick her back up

Also i have received some unexpected gifts this week, first in the shape of some socks, i bought these for my mate for xmas and wanted them so much that my lovely friend heather spotted the yearning in my heart and bought me them, i got to work on friday morning and they were all wrapped up on my desk! cute huh

Another lovely present i got is off my new friend Sj (and designer of my blog)

these are the cutest things ever!

And i dont recall telling her my new desk had a magnet board, but she got me these cute little magnets which keep all my photos up

Another cutie is this little guy i got in the sale

i love owls at the moment in scrapping ,socks, anything love them

Well thats all for now, will catch up on JYC tomo i guess before i head home home for xmas on tuesday!

bon nuit xx


Leanne said...

hello my dear! loving the new blog look! - i think i'm finally getting back to normality now!!! lucky you lady with all those early pressies!! :) so cool your sis is back! have a lovely day!! Lx

scrappyfairy said...

Rach - I have that owl too! me and you are twins! *spooky music*

Julie said...

Love your layouts for the JYC. Those socks are so cool :)

Pam said...

sounds like you're having fun-congrats on the DT too!

Shirley said...

Love your pressies and Good luck with your DT work well done :)

Anonymous said...

Mmm, Yorkies! Scrummy.

I have that owl on my tree! I didn't see those cute stickers though, in the same shop. Boo. I got some other stickers though, 4 packs, haha. For my crafts and letters as I am a penpaller as well as a crafter.

Love the socks!!

Katy said...

owwww im loving them socks me thinks i need to get me some of them :D

Loving the blog makeover to.

Have a fab christmas

Katy xx


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