Friday, 21 November 2008

Christmas Adventure Land

Wow what a week this has been monday involved heading to Ikea in the search of a bookcase for the hall, on our travels we came across a rather yummy desk, which rob got me for xmas its super lush and really high.We couldnt get the book case coz it was too tall to fit in the car.
Tuesday i convinced him i should build it rather than leave the boxes in the hall, that would be rude so i stayed up and built all by myself, then i tried to move my desk, but i'll come back to that in another post.
Wednesday was great we went here it was sooooo cool, we went ice skating, we went skiing round a enchanted forest generally good fun, and we got lost in a maze in the shape of a snowflake made from xmas trees well awesome.
Thursday we went to the xmas market which is in leeds every yr we stayed in the beer tents and listening to the crazy german band.
Tonight i'm pretty tired and still not finished my desk, anyway photos here they are....

Review for those who are thinking of going.

Skiing/ Enchanted Forest- this was lush, you can dry ski round it or cross country skiing i think its called but at 3/4 mile we were knackered afterwards and i consider myself pretty fit, my legs hurt but it was good fun, very hard to take photos with the ski's in your hand, the walk might of been nicer, i would really consider if you are taking kids to walk it, but lots of fun, the lights were all lit up with lights, stars snowflakes, there was a huge lake, santa was there, a narnia scene, cinderella really gorgeous and once we got the hang of the setting on the camera the photos finally started working (this was right at the end)

Cafe- the cafe was really nice, i got a pasty which was about a pound so thats ok and rob had a giant cookie, they had jacket potatoes for like 4.50 ish but nice and you could view the skating from here.

Maze- this was fun, it was all xmas trees which were a bit smaller than be so maybe about 5ft high, and dotted about were huge pink trees and on the floor strings of blue lights, we used our gorilla pod here to get photos of both of us, we got pretty lost and couldnt find the exit so ended up coming out the entrance, think were the only ones in there, be mad with lots of people, and maybe scary if you're a kin esp in the dark.

Skating- you get a hour in here which is more than enough, the ice was weird really hard and almost fake so quite hard to skate on, but they had xmas trees round the rink and played xmas songs it was lovely.

we didnt see santa but his grotto looked pretty cool and the gift shops was really reasonable i was surprised maybe between £2-up for decorations.

so really worth while going i had a fab time and cant wait to scrap all my photos. Just make sure you figure out the setting on your camera first, oh and take gloves!

thanks for looking i swear i'll scrap when i can lol xx


Jo Power said...

Wow it looks like you had a brilliant time.

Claireliz said...

Great photos Rachel. it looks fantastic - I want to go!

Sally D said...

This looks like so much fun, am a skier so might be able to do it!!! SOOOOOOOO Christmassy too, loving the blog hun, is it ok if i link to it from mine? xxxx

rachel said...

course its ok sally - thanks


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