Sunday, 16 November 2008

Lots to share... giant post but lots of photos

Wow well considering ive been off work ill this week i seem to have got quite alot so i have lots to share.
I got the new GOGO kit this week and i did this the day it came

I also did this which is half gogo and half just sassafras

I worked on my christmas journal this week this is the cover

these are some of my favourite pages they arent decorated yet so very plain

Also i finally got some Autumn photos this week, which i used in the first 2 lo

what else oh im in Scrapbook Inspirations this week

they look much better in real life though

We also has a children in need day at work, we baked some and wrestled- just a normal day at work

We raised just over £50 which is not to bad.

What else..busy i know, erm last night i did some scrapping

This is another photos from our luscious weekend way, SJ had said something rather assuming which had 'cracked' everyone up and the left had side of the tree the rest of us didnt have a clue lol

Ive used October Afternoon for the background and the rest is the gogo kit!

i also did this quick one of halloween, i used apple paper coz i was Snow White get it?

Lastly (i think) i had a huge sort last night, i now have a album for 1- my friends 2- Paris 3- Camp America 4-Florida 5 &6- me & he 7- another in progress me and he and 8- family and a couple of random 8x8 oh and a turkey one. so that took a a while

I also found some lo i dont think i put on my blog a few are from the Luscious weekend but some are challenges etc i havent put up

well i think thats is, sorry havent been meaning to blog all week and now its just mounted up, i have a friend visiting today then tomo im going to ikea, and wednesday im going to Christmas Adventure Land which im super excited about, then a bit of Xmas market in leeds on thursday night, busy bee!

tfl xx


Jen said...

i miss leeds, all these fun places to go!
loving your layouts!

daydreamer said...

Phew! i'm worn out reading that post!
Saw your LO's in SI, well done they are lovely.
And loving your JYC album too.
Great photos of you & OH in Park.
Rach x

Claireliz said...

More Fabby LO's & great photos, well done on being published again too.

vchaumeau said...

I love your LO their great! I've found your blog a while ago and keep on looking waiting for your to post more LO ;o)
I bought the new issue of scrapbook inspiration yesterday and I can recognise your LO now... I'm a big fan lol

jay670120 said...

phew that was a post and a half lol :D
Great L/Os too as usual and looks like you had fun raising money and photos of you messing in the leaves x

Vee said...

Really love the layouts you've posted - really vibrant and tells the story which I like!

Caryn said...

Wow what a marathon post! Your blog is such fun - it makes me feel happy just looking at it! I loved your LO in SI - and you're right, the mag pics don't do it justice.

Enjoyed reading your blog - thanks for sharing it.

Julie said...

Love the JYC album. Congratulation on being in SI mag and love reading your blog.

Anonymous said...

lovely layouts hun. have a good time at the xmas market! i used to go there (worked in leeds til recently) and miss that kinda thing out here in the sticks!


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