Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Some Layouts and my new desk!

Hurray, i seem to have been a busy bee of late, but i got some layouts done this weekend and a couple done last night.

This is well one photo from our fun and games from xmas land, loving this paper line forget who makes it but i love it!

Its officially this is my last sad layout i will do of my dearly departed dog, he died in 2003 and all i seem to of scrapped is how much i miss him, so this is my last all the rest will be fun! i promise!

So im desperately trying to scrap some disney florida before i got to disneyland paris on saturday yes saturday!!!!! i used tons of gogo here from loads of different months really pleased with how it has come out

This photo is probably in my top 10 favourite holiday photos- its ' its tough to be a bug' in animal kingdom, i didnt have much in the way of bug stuff so hope its ok.

i thought i would share a photo of my beautiful new desk my lovely fella has bought for me for xmas.

so this is it in the shop

this is what its replacing

nearly built

where it will live

all built and looking shiny!

my old desk and a very dead plant looking sorry for itself

by night looking all busy!

by day looking tidy!

top shelf yet to be sorted as very high so i dont know whats in the boxes, also my books and photo box up there all out the way

boxes i use a bit but not on every lo

boxes full of stuff i use alot inc my magnet board, was gonna put all inspirational stuff on here, so far got a picture my sister drew for me and one rob did!

my area yipppeee!!!!!!

Well thats all for now, we are having a Wii night/ tea party with robs family tonight at ours so lots of tidying, and tomo we are gonna see 4 Christmases which is new at the cinema, Friday will be a very early night as we have a 5am train to catch on saturday morning ready for Paris yipppeee!!!


Alix said...

wowzers you have been busy! great LO's and great new layout of your craft space!! :)

daydreamer said...

Lovely LO's, looks like you had a fab time, & off you go again to Disney paris! Bet its great this time of year, all christmassy.
Loving your new desk, your space looks great, very tidy (how long will it stay like that though! lol)
Rach x

~Vicki~ said...

wow fantastic desk, where did you get it from??? loving the layouts too, really lovely

Jo Power said...

Thats a lovely desk and such a lovely area to scrap in I can only wish. Lovely Layouts really like the bug one.

Anonymous said...

Love the LOs!
My desk is very similar to that, but doesn't have a drawer and has a CD rack. Once OH has finally sorted out our master bedroom I shall take pics of my spare room, woo.

Jenny said...

Wow lovely layouts and your new desk is yummy! Lucky girl! xx

Claireliz said...

Great LO's & fab craft space - so tidy

Carly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vee said...

Love the new desk - makes you want to sit down and scrap! And all very tidy - will it stay that way for long??

Sally D said...

hey hunny bun loving the new desk and the Lo's are amazing!!!! i love the stamps for the title they rock, fabby !!!!! xxxx


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