Thursday, 4 September 2008

Catching up

Been meaning to do my blog all week not sure what ive been doing. but anyway getting so close our holiday thats its all we can think about planning meals, rides we want to do, buses, malls, everything its very exciting stuff!

i have some lo to share that i did last weekend

Top Shop

these are my lovely new shoes which i love even more because they havent made my feet bleed once which is some what of a miracle, they didnt fair so well in the heavy rain yesterday though, bit it was coming down blooming hard!

Buggin Good Fun!
bit random but i had a cuttlebug night and cut all my dies in some cheap foam and rob thought it looked tasty, this was a couple of months ago as he has his short hair.

Your Choice

this is from the ONE WORD blog and it was CHOICE, so i used this photo again rob with shorty hair, and just explaining it was up to him and i had no part in it, and i do actually like this photo.

hope you like, im head home- up north tomo so be nice to catch up with family, also collecting my new huge holdall for my jollies hurray!



Jazzy1972 said...

I have to say I love your style and I shall be following your blog, fab layouts, love the bright colours.

Jay xx

klmpink said...

You've been busy missy love your top shop layout how well does the paper go with your shoes!!

Sue said...

I DO LOVE those shoes!! The paper goes SO well :)

mandijane said...

How well does that PP match the shoes....fabulous....

Enfys said...

You have been busy. Love the paper on the first one!

~Vicki~ said...

ooh i love those topshop shoes!!!! fabby layouts as usual, really yummy.

jay670120 said...

Yuuuummmmmmmm shoes . great colourful L/os as usual x

Miss Natz said...

Those shoes are so lush, I keep gazing at them on the TS website..... oooh!


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