Thursday, 18 September 2008

Florida here we come!


im getting rather excited now, im about to work my last morning at work well till 11.30 then head for some beauty-ness then a lovely lunch in town, heading to the motel at 2.30 in manchester, so rather excited, its hard for it to sink in though, we are assuming it will once we are at the hotel and stuff later.

i dropped lola off at johnnys last night my mate from work, so im sure he will look after her, but still a bit worried about her.

erm havent blogged for a while, did i mention i went to the theatre last week? we saw beauty and the beast at the grand in leeds it was fantastic so good! really got us in the disney mood.

i also finally did a lo hurray been like 2/3 weeks its not fantastic but its ok.

its all about me trying to trim down a bit for my holiday, i lived at the gym, going every lunch time and i really enjoyed it and eating proper breakfast and not going crazy with our tea.

in total i lost 1/2 a Stone so im really chuffed with that, and hope to re join the gym when i get back and keep it up. just got to be careful not to eat too much in florida.

right well i best get myself to work now,

so ill be seeing ya, ill be back to update on the fabulous scrapping shops in florida when i find them lol

take care



jay670120 said...

good luck with the not eating much in Florida lol !!!!!
great L/O and maybe you will see a gym there lol

Enfys said...

Enjoy your holiday!

Trina said...

Awww well done for losing half a stone!

Hope you have a fab holiday and Lola will be fine :o)

Laura said...

I hope you have a really amazing time in Florida!!!

Bring me back a present!!!!x

Linda Elbourne said...

Have the bestest time!


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