Saturday, 30 August 2008

This Week

has been a odd kind of week, i got poorly last weekend and couldnt shake it off so bed most of last weekend and most of monday i tried work on tuesday but ended up coming home so was pretty much in bed for tuesday and Wednesday so no gym action.

Thursday i was feeling much better and made it to the gym only like 4 days off and i really felt it its a shame how quick you lose it.

I did my first hour class today and survived my legs are slowly stopping moving now and i imagine i wont be able to move tomo but never mind it will be worth it.

anyway havent felt much like scrapping lately i did one earlier in the week but it was so naf i wont even show you lol ive been feeling a bit xmas like im not sure why but thought id do christmas scrapping, - perhaps as ive watched 2 christmas films this week hee hee!

ive used some old basic grey paper the lo are really simple, i used a sketch from somewhere cant think whats its called grrr anyway, i quite like these, quite simple but i like them, also no title which is odd but ok.

I also did another DISNEY lo to try with that huge pile of photos

quite simple again i think but nice, trying to capture the disney-ness in the parks.

And finally Lola as up before we left for work yesterday and looking very sleepy (she had her ears down which means shes tired)
she does this funny freezing thing when no one has been in the room so shes not used to hearing noises so we made the most of it and rob took some photos- she id ridiculously cute

dont you think?

well think thats all oh and we had some tickets arrive for things we have planned on holiday so thats been exciting, its now 2 weeks and 6 days till i go be sure to check out or new blog

well thats all folks i am off to scrap now i have a full belly from wagamama



Ruth said...

love your latest LO using b&w photos on the xmas pages is really effective

mandijane said...

I love the photos.....and for someone who has been feeling under the weather those LO's are fantastic as usual....
Hope you're all better now

TwinTrouble said...

Love the layouts hun... Must be something in the air as I did my very first Christmas layout this week:p
Lola is looking so adorable... can't wait to see those pic's on a layout :)

Drama queens mum said...

I love your blog. I just got into scrapbooking. I also love traveling, shopping & photography.

Kerry said...

I love the idea of scrapping christmas in the summer.


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