Saturday, 23 August 2008

Fake and Real Shopping

Bit of a random post today, no lo to share as i am feeling a bit under the weather, but i did sneak out this morning while on route to the post office and picked up these

how cute, i never shop in topshop but i just nipped in and well i couldnt resist so far havent hurt my feet but just been walking round the flat, but i love them :)

Also one of my favourite shops for fun t shirts is zara now i thought it was a pricey shop but depending on what you go in for its just not

i grabbed this yesterday

now no porky jokes ok! i thought it was really fun and they have TAZ, BUGS, DAFFY ones too and only £9 which i think is good.

and i so wasnt expecting this today, i ordered some new paper the other day and i knew it was getting delivered yesterday but where i get it delivered at robs work NEVER get royal mail on a saturday so i was expecting it to be tuesday when im back at work but look what came!

NEW COSMO CRICKET its so cute im going to make a mini album of my Camp America trip but just the camping not all the other bits of america if that makes sense, its so cute its called Happy Campers, and i got another bit of a new collection but forget its name but i love it.


now i dont have a huge amount of will power so when i saw the new pink paislee were out in the UK i was tempted so much so i had £30 worth in my 'basket' then i thought i wonder how much it would cost in US as im going in 26 DAYS!!!!

so i went on a couple of sites my friend recommended and where stamps here were £12 they were $12 and i know the pound isnt doing so well lately but even i know thats good. so i am trying to hold on, and signed up to a few sites and did wish lists and asked if they posted to hotels, so be interested to find out if they do.

I have very little plans this weekend a exciting trip to ASDA OR TESCO tomo to look forward to and maybe lunch in Weatherby, but i will get some new books i think, also we are booking some tickets for florida tomo its rather exciting be scary spending that much money when we have been tightening our belts for the last 9 mths to pay for this holiday, to be able to spend it will feel most odd.

anyway i have gone on too much, think ill go back to bed and watch another film lol

have a lovely bank holiday all xx


Linda Elbourne said...

Sorry you are feeling under the weather - hope you feel better soon ... out of all your shopping ... those shoes are the bestest ever ... I am wondering if you like them that much that you are wearing them in bed whilst watching your film *LOL* Are you????

jo said...

Gorgeous shoes.
I need the new pink paislee too!!

Cleo said...

I luurrrrve those shoes- might have to sneakily buy some :)
Hope your feeling better!!


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