Thursday, 12 January 2017

Hello 2017

Hi all I'm sorry its been so long since i posted, my app has basically broken on my phone which means i have to pull the laptop out and i can't just blog whenever.

I have deleted it and i will try and fix it but giant update in a muddled order.

So Theo is 9months tomo! 9 MONTHS! can you believe that? he has the most hair ever, he's the happiest little soul. I am still on maternity leave and trying to be for as long as i can.

Yes I'm knitting every chance i get which is mainly just evenings now, martha has stopped napping but now I'm gonna stuck trying to get theo to nap all afternoon, its pretty hectic these days.

We had a quick photo shoot of the babies before Christmas. 

We did a photo shoot for my friends new knitwear collection in the Autumn

we did feet painting for Christmas baubles with new friends from the baby sensory class we go to.

I finished some knitwear, this is Chuck, i love it and have already cast on another

we had Christmas

I knit some awesome christmas socks

did i mention this boy likes to eat! so strange having a kid that likes food and doesn't need to be hounded to eat, and yes he is completely beautiful.

I had a birthday, 34! madnesss!

So yeah our days are busy and hectic and a bit nuts but man these kids are awesome.

In other exciting news i have booked train tickets for Edinburgh Yarn Festival which I'm so excited to go to, I was far too pregnant to go last year (which feels like a million years ago) and it never worked out so this year i got on the case.

Erm I'm still doing Slimming World, nearly at target but a slow old journey to get there, its hard not to replace sleep with food, or geez its been a naf day ill just eat all the chocolate, alas I'm nearly there.

I haven't done a knitting tally just yet, its on my list to do soon before it gets so far into january that no one cares so will try and let you know all those details when i can.

Right baby is awake from the shortest nap ever.

Catch you soon xx

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