Thursday, 13 October 2016

Happy Half Birthday

My beautiful beautiful gorgeous happy chilled out delightful scrummy perfect baby boy is 6 months today! 6 Months!!!
Can you believe that! I don't think I can. 
We naturally took some pics, he is just a delight. 

Who me??? 

Ahh he's so lovely 

He's such a happy little monkey

Did I mention he's utterly gorgeous? No well he is!!

Naturally his equally gorgeous big sister had to get in on the photo action. 

She's just the best big sister, always includes him and is the first to shush someone if they are being too loud when he's sleeping. 

Equally Theo adores Martha, I didn't realise the absolute free entertainment she would provide for him lol 

Is that enough gushing?? One more?? 
Look at that smile! 

I'll just leave u with that smile and speak soon xx


Jam Sandwich said...

He is so lovely, glad to hear how much you are enjoying him.
It's such a revelation when you have your second child and realise they are happy just watching their sibling playing and unlike with the first its not just you who has to entertain them.
Wishing you lots and lots of happy family times.

hotpotato said...

So cute. He's the dark haired version of Martha.

Hannah2 said...



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