Sunday, 18 September 2016

Knitting Notes

It's been a while sorry all. My little life is a hectic one apparently but we are all fine and well. 
Today I wanted to share something new I've been doing with my knitting. I've found that I always get faster or more motivated as it gets to the end of the month and I want the whole I finished X amount of things this month. 
I saw a vlog by Get Lit and Knit on you tube, who host a great podcast but have been vlogging over the summer. She has been doing a knitting journal. So this is like bullet journaling. 

So I copied. And here is what mine looks like. I even copied the book which I got from eBay in a pack of 3, they are from America actually. 

It's a little book that fits in my notions pouch. 

I pulled out all of my scrappy stuff actually for this and then decided I just wanted 'pen doodles' so I went on Pinterest and found some ideas. 

I used the inspiration from the vlog for some of the titles and have added a couple of my own. 

These are all the WIPs I have some haven't been touched for a while but still. 

I added my month goals, which I've found has changed as I've cast things on I wasn't expecting. 

And my actual September WIPs so these are the ones I wanted to focus on this month. I've done a little square and colour it in and transfer to the other page when it's done. 

Acquisitions and my plans for the yarn. This is to keep on top of what I'm buying. 

This page which isn't shown is my pattern notes, so it I'm doing a textured pattern on a hat I wrote it down so if I can't find the pattern I can still do it. 
And a bit of dream knitting. So many lovely patterns I don't want to forget. 

A new page I added only last week is weekly goals. 
I work Sunday to Sunday and just wanted a little push really. This week we have been on holiday (more on that later) so I set myself some (completely unrealistic) goals for the week and also tried to keep track of what I had knit that day so when I'm feeling I'm achieving nothing at all I can look at that and know I did. 

So that's about it really. It's been working really well and I'm enjoying t and referring back to it every couple of days to see where I am. 

So in theory I have a hat for Martha to finish today and the body of a cardigan for me, I know I'm hilarious! 

In other news, Theo turned 5months this week, and my girl is 3 next week. It's also Yarndale next week! Exciting busy days coming up this week. 

Will let u know how I get on with my tasks and share what I finished. 

Bye for now. 

Ok one little pic xx


faith76 said...

That's a great bit of organising and I guess a bit of motivation too. Loving the hat your boy is wearing :)

faith76 said...

That's a great bit of organising and I guess a bit of motivation too. Loving the hat your boy is wearing :)


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