Saturday, 28 May 2016

Out and about in Leeds

So coz Robs work is awesome he got a staggering 6 weeks paternity leave and boy was I grateful. So here are a few of the places we went to while he was off. 

We went to Lotherton Hall. We actually paid for a annual pass as it's quite near and fun. There is a huge bird park and great parks and thought was a good investment for when things are even tighter in the coming months. 

It's about £5 each to get in normally. 

Yep flamingoes! 

A new to me thing to do is Tong Garden Centre it has a HUGE play area and its £2.50 to get in. You would have to have good weather ideally or not rain but we went a few weeks ago with our friends. 

There is a huge sandpit 

Big giant bouncy pillow. There are climbing frames and a park which I didn't photograph. 

I really liked it here and think it will be a good option 2 kid wise where as soft play with a little and a big is a bit of a nightmare. 

What else. 

Ah yes we rode a train. We did a little ride on Middleton Railway

Yeh she is really that cute if you wondered 

The train is maybe 10 mins and takes you to Middleton park well you have to walk there. For about 15 mins. I didn't know this when we didn't bring s pushchair for my daughter who refuses to walk so rob carried her and all our bags while I carried Theo. 

We were lucky with the weather. There is a nice little park and a lake and a super cheap cafe. 

This is the walk through the woods/forest/trees

So there a few places. We went to Eureka the other day but that can be a separate post I think. 

Rob is back at work now and I had my first solo day which was Erm ok I'll call it. I'll get better at it in time. 

Right prob time to start this day even thou I've been awake since 4.30!'n 

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