Wednesday, 11 May 2016

4 weeks in!!!

What?? That's right my boy is 4 weeks old today. Madness! And boy what a 4 weeks it's been. 
He's adorable completely adorable. He is a snoozy head and still only awake for maybe a hour or 2 in the day, so things have been pretty quiet so far. 

This was yesterday. Playing with his mickey! 

So what else has been happening. Week 2 he got conjunctivitis so ended up in urgent medical dare due to a doctor training day, he's had a cold for the past 2 weeks thanks to his darling sister. And at 5.30 am is currently lying on my chest coz he is too congested to lie down. 

But with rob having frankly epic patenting leave he is still off and been driving us to lots of fun places. 

We signed up for annual passes at Lotherton Hall 

As had ALL the sunshine 

We registered him. 

I got a pic with both my babies

I went out on my own for the first time in a month the other day, well with the boy but still. And only to the post office but still. 

Erm yeh so lots of sunny sunny days in the garden lately and trips to the park 

Man is this girl enjoying having her daddy off work. We are just ignoring the 'fall out' when he goes back to work. 

Martha is the BEST big sister which I knew she would be of course. 

And yes this is literally the slowest way to get around ever!! 

So there we have it 4 weeks and we are tired but all doing well. I'm feeling much better not quite back to normal but getting there. 

We are super lucky to have this beautiful boy in our lives. 

I'm gonna do another post with all his knitwear he's been rocking as well as things I've been working on coz I have actually been managing a fair bit of knitting. Newborns sleep lots.  I had Linda forgot that, or maybe Martha didn't sleep or maybe I didn't have my husband home for the first 6 weeks or maybe I'm just awesome. Who knows. 

6am now. Try and get back to sleep or just get up and knit. Ah same decision every day. 

Back soon xx

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hotpotato said...

You look fab Rachel, looks like you've regained you figure too. Your little family is gorgeous. xx


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