Sunday, 27 March 2016

Tick tick tick

Hello all/anyone. I'm still here. Today I thought I would share some of the pre baby goals I've been getting through. 

I set myself a few goals shall we say and this week which was my first maternity leave week has been quite productive. 

I finished another pair of Rose City Rollers socks in Felt Fusion yarn

I tried the afterthought heel again. It's been a while since I used this coz my socks were so baggy but it's my first time since I've gone from 64 stitches down to 54 and it's worked well. 

I also did a rounded toe for the first time. 

What else....

A massive tick went to finishing baby boys quilt. This is very simple really and this is for his rocky chair in his room. I've used a combo of fabrics but I had my eye on the balloon fabric for the longest time. 

I made another little floor mat size one in some More fabric I have loved for a long time. The lovely fox fabric 

They were big big ticks on my list and I'm so so happy to have them done. 

A few weeks ago I finished some willy blankets for the baby but only just 
got around to photographing them. 

I finished my crochet one a while ago and Martha has been stealing it ever since

I'm really pleased with the colours on this. I wanted it 'boyish' but not just all the blues. This is the extent on my crochet skills. I would love a square one or a ripple or a corner to corner etc but yeh my skills don't stretch quite that far. 

And I made a knitted one. 

This is my favourite thing I've made him. It's a chevron babh blanket. I've used a mix of yarns but mainly Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran. 

I made a similar one for Martha after she was born but love this and it's def going in my hospital bag. 

Finally a goal for me. I started a Lush cardigan a bit ago and really wanted it to the easy part so I worked super hard and got the lace finished and blocked it on a ironing board to save crawling on the floor

It's hard to really tell but I did the yoke and then tied off the sleeves. It's a fun construction but now it's just ready for endless stocking stitch

Yeh hard to photograph. 

I've got a few more to share but that will do for now. 

Pregnancy wise I'm frankly nearly blooming there at erm 36 + weeks. Whoop. Feeling a bit massive and things getting a bit harder and I have had more
Colds than u can shake a stick at which have been slowing me down but so close. 

I'm a little bit comedy bump size now 

 And no I don't have a coat that fits

Right this pesky loosing a hour isn't ideal so I'm gonna get up and maybe stick a sewing pattern together coz I have a whole day and a half to myself this week while my small person is at nursery. 

You have a lovely Easter

Back soon xx


Hannah2 said...

Wow you have been busy! Loving those quilts and the blankets, one lucky baby boy.

Sally A said...

Hello, I do love looking at what you make. The balloon fabric is fab. I hope you have rather a fab typo in the name of the blankets you have made... if not, I imagine you have invented a new type of blanket.......... :-)


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