Thursday, 25 February 2016

Giant catch up.

Sorry I am stil here. I am frantically trying to knit and sew through my insane list I am still blogging but mainly hang it on Instagram for knitty things so be sure to say hi on Rewardingmemories. 

Anyway....  I finished some socks. By Fab Funkg Fibres. They are awesome 

So bright and fun. 

I finished Martha's Owlet

Yes she is insanely beautiful. I knit this in Stylecraft Aran and it's the 18-24 size as I'm a loose knitter and she's just little and added extra length coz she's got a longn body like her daddy. 

I've been in a giant sewing kick and have 2 quilts on the go for baby ( or tiny bear as we all call him) I finish work soon!! So they are on my finish asap list. This is some I got at the weekend. Hubba Hubba. Top is a dress for Martha and other is project bag fabric. 

I finished the body on the light weight Flax by tin can knits. Just the sleeves to do which I'm apparently putting off. This is Owl about yarn, yarn. 

I've been working on a fun cardigan for my boy. I'm on the button band now so hoping to have t done this weekend. 

And I bought a bit of wool. 

Yeh I ran out of navy so needed more and then wanted to do him another as this is 6-12 and will take ages to fit and then j wanted one for Martha. Down he rabbit hole I go. 

And a bit more, love knitting hat free delivery over the weekend. So I'm thinking hats for the 'kids' ( yes that does feel v v strange) and then I'm thinking kinda matching cardigans very plain but rainbow sleeves. Fun right. 

And a bit from felt fusion. This was a bit random it's dk and so so squishy. I'm making a shawl. 

Look, pretty right. 

And this is to make a Trillian 

Other beauty for something else 
And some self striping from Mothy & the Squid

That is over a couple of months. 

In other news I am now 32 weeks pregnant and feels mighty pregnant. This week especially in starting to feel it. 

This is him trying to kick my knitting off. Was most amusing. This is a hat for my granny. 

And it's fun being dead pregnant and being asked to dress up as a naughty witch 

But other than a stupid bad back I think I'm fairing ok. Only 2 'weeks' ( it's actually only 4 days) at work and I'm done. Martha is staying at nursery and I get a extra day with her when she's normally with family, which as tricky as it can be I'm excited. Life is about to change quite a bit and I'm looking forward to bonus time with my girl. 

Right. That's lots of talking. I have myself a end of Feb goal for a few things so need to hurry myself up. 

This was my finished in Jan collage. No idea if I shared them all but yay. 

Thanks for stopping by xxx

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