Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Sunny days

It has been super sunny lately where we live, not so much today on apparently the hottest day of the year but alas we have been having lots of fun lately in the garden, Martha LOVES the garden.

so 1,000000 photos is ok with you right?

So many of our little trips out have involved animals.

But Camels this was new, sheep we are used to but these guys were fun.

This was somewhere near my folks as i made a trip up on the thursday before easter as we were going to see Wicked that night but had a quick nip here which was lovely as we normally just stay in so this was fun. 

Martha thought it was hilarious that her granny was on the swings lol

She was too little for this diggers but we got there in the end lol

So yes Wicked at Sunderland Empire. it was jolly fun. 

Up super early to get back to Leeds to hang out with my chums at Leeds kids film festival.

We went to a sing along Frozen to start with 

Look what else was there!

and the Batmobile

we got some super cute pics of the girls, isn't violet getting big. 

we have been doing lots of walking practice, still not there yet but nearly.

So yeh there were loads of fun things to do.

Martha adores violet. 

Rob was very happy, we got a family pic in there too. 

look at these cuties.

This girl has a serious sweet tooth, she is tucking into a egg that vic got her here. 

So garden fun started, layered up but she had fun.

Easter sunday we saw vic, ant and violet again and this is a little dress i have made martha, i need better pics. 

Did I mention Vic is having a baby boy this summer? well she is, look!

We got home and did a little easter egg hunt, kind of, in the looses form lol. 

Martha loves olive, she calls her oy'ive its adorable, she shouts of her all the time. 

She finally caught on when we gave her the chocolate but now thinks these are always full of chocolate. 

Bank holiday monday we went to B&Q along with the rest of the world, this is what martha thinks of that!

Then back home to the sun.

And then some fun at Grandmas

And more easter egg off her great granny. 

and short sleeved top outside, madness. 

Some sleepy starts to the day. 

some beautiful daft.

Rob has a week day off and we love doing fun things as a family.

I love this pic of her sneaking down the drive, shame the ugly bin is in the background and how big does she look!!

We have been trying a bit of back carrying with varying success 

Martha loves to walk like this, if one of us lets go she sits down immediately! 

more garden fun

we went to Ponderosa (not the american diner) the other day. 
lots of fun

she loves these little houses we are prob gonna get one but hunting the best one down. 

So yeh thats what we have been doing lately, after ALL the knitting posts i thought you might like a little life update, sorry about ALL the photos

Right back to knitting now. 

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