Friday, 10 April 2015


So this is Antler, I have had a bit of a love/hate relationship with this cardigan.

This is one of the knits i cast on the summer before I had martha, this was one of my easy knits i did while martha was tiny ha! wasn't i funny!

So started july 2013, i steeked this cardigan which isn't in the pattern.

I started the pattern in one size and then well i got quite a bit bigger after i had Martha so i increased randomly to make it a little bigger and on i went, and then left it for a million years and then picked it up again having lost weight and then decreased back down, yes lots of errors. 

I do however love Tin Can Knits patterns and fully recommend them. 

I got the yarn for this in Woolfest 2012 i think it was, i wasn't a fan tbh it was too wooly and it was a very 'fat' yarn which made it came out bigger than it should have, it was so wooly i gave it a proper wooly soak and it grew massively. 

I put it in the tumbler and tried to shrink it down a bit and well it kind of worked but kinda didn't, i finished this is January but have barely worn it really as i don't like the fit.

Pretty disappointed as i felt like i was knitting this ALL of my life!

A bonus is that now me and Martha match in our cardigans, Marthas is 0-6 and has worn it loads being cream as it goes with everything, however it is looking very small now funnily enough, given she's now 18mths lol, i will certainly make her another one for the Autumn. 

So mixed feelings about this

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hotpotato said...

Rachel you have lost so much weight, you look so skinny.x


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