Friday, 13 March 2015

Ooohhhhh pretty

So today me and Martha hopped on the bus to town to go and visit the new fabric shop that has opened. I regularly visited their market stall for fabric at an amazing price. But they have branched out and opened a shop at the side of the market and Oohh Oohh oohhh.  

It's lovely. 

And seriously they had Riley Blake for £8 a metre. That is seriously cheap. 

I forget the name of this one but look at this bundle 

Martha was put on carrying duty, she was happier than she looks

So this is what I go, having sold a few bits of scrappy things in the Facebook group. 

This is all for martha things. I already wish I got more of the blue for me and might just send Rob back tomorrow as he works in the city centre lol. 

So Yeh if you can get to Leeds you should go. It's B&M Fabrics at the side of the market near the new little sainsburys 

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Clareio said...

ohhh recon i can convince the husband that i need to go there when we're up over the bank holiday? ive convinced him he needs to buy me a sewing machine...its a start right?


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