Saturday, 7 March 2015

Is that you???

Spring??? I think I can spy you coming but I'm not sure. Today was lovely and sunny. Here is how it looked. 

After a morning trip to Slimming World & a lunch out with friends, we put baby to bed and sat in the garden in the sun!!!!!

I sat happily for a bit finishing my increases on another Flax jumper for one of the 2015 babies. 

Once I get the sleeves tied off I'm going to concentrate on some of my knits for a it as I've been doing lots of gift knitting lately, which is nice but just time for a little break. 

It felt very indulgent to be knitting and listening to a podcast ( A Playful Day) in the sun. 

Soon enough we got Martha up to join in the fun. 

We was very surprised we were outside playing. She didn't even move about when we last had chance to play in the garden or not very much at any rate. 

Martha got to work with her sand and water table, it got all soggy despite having a cover on but she had fun in the soggy sand. 
She's also rocking a gorgeous Cardigan my mam did I think for Christmas but was way too big but seems to fit now, she's worn it all week and think it's my favourite colour in the bunting. 

Fun fun fun sun flare

We loved having daddy with us, it's normally typical that daddy misses out on fun things coz of work. 

Martha has her new waterproof trousers on as she remains a bum shuffler she gets very dirty so these have been a great addition. I got them from JoJo Mama Bebe. 

She was really interested in Olive Bunny today and just shuffled over to see what she was up to


Olive was actually still in the run at this point so we popped her back in and she squealed and squealed ( martha that is) 

She was not happy when I had to pull her out of the her hutch 

So there you go. This was only 2 hours out of our day but makes us very excited about spring and summer and will be even more fun when she is walking but at the min we are loving her pointing and saying what everything is, her speech is unbelievable. She's a clever cookie. 

Hope you had a lovely Saturday. X

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