Saturday, 3 January 2015

Christmas 2014.

Hi all, just a flying visit to share some pics of our Christmas, it was a great and hectic one. 

We helped Granny decorate her tree a week or so before christmas and nice to spend more than a rushed 30mins as i normally do on visits home. 

Ho Ho Ho 

I finally got the poppers on marthas christmas dress and the armholes are a tiny bit small which I'm a bit gutted about but its very cute. 

Rob was working christmas eve but we made it back just in time to see santa who drives round the streets near my folks on christmas eve, we used to do this all the time when we were little but it was robs and marthas first time and he was confused why there were people in the streets lol. 

Martha was excited by her bag of pressies. 

Martha was clearly trying to get on the naughty list and up a million times in the night so we ended up only waking up a 8am which was very much needed. 

She clocked the sweets straight away. 

She got tons of lovely noisy presents. 

Always time for a quick pic with my girl. 

She loves this blooming tea pot. 

I got Rob a new coat to keep him warm at the bus stop on those early early mornings at the bus stop. 

I got some lovely presents, including a new coat too, and a Knitter badge and slippers and new knitting book, lots and lots of lovely things

Granny & grandad came round, well mine her great grandparents, it gets confusing. 

and a quick at the 

I do love a little comparison shot, last year and this year! My how my baby has grown. 

We managed a few shots before everyone left at like 3.45 and i don't have the group one as normal 

We then drove back to leeds and dropped our presents off and headed to robs folks, we headed to the NEXT sale early ish on boxing day and got plenty of 2-3 winter clothes which I'm pleased about, then we got to opening pressies.
Martha loved her wheels on the bus moving book, 

We hung out a little and played with toys

Martha hadn't made it to lunch the day before coz we put her to bed as it would be a bit quieter as everyone would be eating but she made it this day.

A little look at last year lol 

We played a few games while martha slept. 

and took a few pics, again not got all of them. 

We managed a couple of hours play time at home before martha went to bed and we just collapsed. 

So there you have it gone in the blink of a eye.
Hope you all had a lovely christmas

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