Thursday, 1 January 2015

2015 The year of garments?

Hello, Happy New Year,  I am writing this in advance but I have been thinking for a while about the amount of garments i have been planning on making. 

I have TONS of yarn and maybe about 15 garment quantities, I haven't really made many in 2014 as I wast anywhere near the weight i wanted to be post Martha (more on that another day) but as I'm kinda back to normal now or not far off i feel i can start to think about garments again. 

Dare I say I want to keep my WIPS down as far as i can, i think i will always have a few, but I have been finishing up a few things but still have lots to go.

I have been slogging on my Antler cardigan for a bit but had to put it down to do some gift knitting, but this is very high on my list to get finished along with a Cowl that needs finishing like now. 

So my mammoth list, this is the garments i have the yarn for never mind the others i just wanna make coz i fancy it.

This is Chickadee, I got the yarn in Imagin Knits on our Honeymoon in San Francisco so September 2012. Yikes! I really want to do this quite soon.
I have cascade 220 for this in red, blue and cream. 

I got this in the same shop and this is in Berro and a light weight summer yarn, that increase round the waist looks like a nightmare thou so thats putting me off. 

I have had this one planned for about a million years but still not got to it, alas i have the yarn i think its sirdar dk in a bright green. 

Cria, this has been on my list for even longer and i have a rowan bamboo in a grey colour i think. 

Soay, i have a bamboo in yellow for this pattern but again just not in love with it. 

I have actually started a tiny tiny bit of this in a basic aran in bright bright pink so i fancy this one quite soon, i think its called Acer.  no I'm lying this isn't but i do have yarn for it but forget what

I love this one and do have the yarn but those wrap and turns are putting me off and the whole 4ply thing. 

I have some lovely grey and yellow for this one

this is Acer and the yarn is bright pink oooh. 

This is Grace and i have a lovely 4ply in a green sparkle which is a bit scary but will be fabby. 

Oooh I am loving Tin Can Knits at the min and this is high up my list, i have a style craft tweed for this one in a blue colour. 

I have some freedom purity for this and i have started it but done like 2 rows and my time hop says that i bought it 3 years ago! shocking! 

i have made this before in the pink and have a grey on the needles its not quite at the arm tie offs but not massively far off and its a fun pattern that i do need to get back into 

I have started this in a orange colour but not got hugely far, i have one already but wanted another. 

It is hard to pick what to do coz in theory i should be doing the summer style ones now ready for summer but i do think i may be able to fit another winter one in there if I'm good or quick or focused or something along those lines. 

None of this includes the things i want to make for martha and the no doubt baby gift knitting i will be doing for the babies that are all due in 2015 to which there are many. 

Right on that note i am going to make a plan.

Whats your knitting goals for 2015??

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CloClo said...

Wow, looks like you plan to be busy this year! Well done on the weight loss by the way - I never managed it after J and now I'm getting bigger again!


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