Monday, 24 November 2014

Some sewing

I have seriously been bitten but the sewing bug lately, or more the fabric bug, i just want it all.

I have been pinning like mad here

I have been making some project bags using this pattern

I love this fabric so much. 

this is my trusty machine I got term several years ago for my 21st. 

I made this little dress, and yes it was far too little, this is it lying on top of one of marthas current dresses. 

I used this pattern 

I have been quilting too, i have finished the top of a quilt using this template, which is pretty simple but pretty. 

I may have got another pile of fat quarters for another quilt but haven't yet got as far as doing anything with it yet. 

The lovely woodland fabric was for another dress for martha, this is slightly different to the other one but i can't find the link at the min.

This is referable, i am really struggling with doing button holes on my machine, despite watching a million tutorials and reading the manual and i tried poppers but if its referable then there needs to be poppers on each side which then doesn't look good. So currently this is just sitting not being used and she gets bigger and bigger :(

A little more fabric for some more dresses. 

this is the same pattern as above, i haven't got a photo of the other side of it but its the bows/butterflies above, again i am having button trouble. 

I buy most of my 'fancy' fabric online but Leeds market is awesome, its normally about £4mt which is fantastic 

There are 2 stalls in the market i use and one has the fancy fancy stuff. 

i got a little flamingo fabric for a future project and some jersey for a skirt for me when i get to it 

This is a little in progress pics 

This is another pattern i have on the horizon.
This is a great site Made by Rae

This little dress was next up, quite a bit trickier than the first one and I admit i struggled. 

i just managed to fit it on 1/2m of fabric which was great cost wise.

So yes i have been a busy busy bee. 
I have LOTS of plans and lots of projects in the pipe line, I have a day off soon where martha is at nursery, as i have to take my holiday some time, yes i have holiday despite being off a million years this year, though that feels like a distant memory now but i am cutting and preparing fabric so i can sew sew sew one day, i find the cutting and preping takes ages. 

So there you go, do you sew? what do you make?

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