Saturday, 6 September 2014

Bee in my bonnet again!

I'm terrible I know. I have recently fallen down the fabric rabbit hole. I live on Pinterest and eBay lately. 

It started when I visited my friend Jen and she had a gorgeous fabric shop 3 doors down from her house!!! 

I added to my collection with a few from
Leeds market. 

I lusted after fabric 


But got this for a steal

I don't know if it's for Martha or me yet but it's nearly blanket season so I thought id get a head start. 

I used this template for my quilt idea 

But in the mean time I bought patterns

I did some sewing when I could. Our kitchen is directly under Martha and my craft room directly next to it so I set up camp in the living room or at my mams when I went there. 

I managed to get the top of the quilt all sewn on a Sunday morning at my folks. I need to add a border and do the rest. 

I haven't had chance since but I went and got the backing fabric and enough to make a skirt for me. 

Martha was helping and as her hands were clean she was allowed to touch things lol. 

I want to make Martha all the things. I have managed a little skirt but no good pics. I did have a couple of friends round for a sewing baby grp. Yes it was a crazy as it sounded 
But the girls had fun and got a skirt to take home. 

Will keep you updates on my progress. I have sold a ton of scrappy things lately so slowly sorting my craft room. Be nice to have a sewing area but we will see. Everything seems to take 10 times longer than I think. Especially now Martha is crawling/shuffling after me touching everything she shouldn't. 

See ya mammy lol. 

Back soon x

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