Tuesday, 9 September 2014

2 Years

 Yesterday we celebrated our 2 year anniversary, its funny how it feels like 2 minutes ago and ages ago at the same time. Lately with Martha's birthday approaching, i have been playing a good old game of 'this time last year', i fear i will be playing it for the next couple of weeks.

So last anniversary I was 2 days off my due date and pretty darn massive, we managed a walk/hobble to the place we got engaged in Roundhay Park and that was about it. 

Yesterday we spend the day with friends and our gorgeous little girl, so much chances in a year with a baby, she wasn't here this time last year, 2 weeks off coming actually yet look at her.

She can say mama and dada and move around and is all kinds of awesome. 

so i felt a little collage was needed. 

In the evening we went out for a meal to Reds in Headingley, neither of us had been before but we had heard good things. 

With my slimming world hat slipping slightly i got a burger and rem 2 portions of fries. 

Rob got a donut burger, yes 2 burgers in a donut, yak! 

he seemed to like it. 

We crashed pretty quickly after we got in as we are both struggling with a cold at the min and lovely early mornings aren't helping martha lily!

Today, Rob was off again yay!

The day thankfully started at a nice sensible time of 7.15 so we had 10 hours sleep yet we both still felt rough. 

This is Marthas concentrating face its brilliant isn't it, her daddy pulls the exact same face. 

We are trying to focus a little more on the fun lately, as we find when rob is off we spend a good portion of our day just doing jobs and not going out and having 'outside fun' fun thats not just sitting in the garden, as nice as that can be, you always think, well i should be doing the dishwasher or XYZ.

So we just packed up a few things for martha and headed out for a hour or so to Roundhay Park.

We took martha on her little trike. 

She helpfully carried the picnic blanket. 

She thought the birds were great, they were very loud and she loved it.

She waved at them all. 

We made our way up to 'our bandstand' but the photos completely failed here and there was a wasp nest but you can't win them all. 

We did nip over to the other bandstand. I remember taking a photo standing in this exact spot with a very very big bump.

So thought it would be fun to recreate it. 

I foolishly didn't take my wedding necklace off from the night before but martha thought it was brill. 

And as we are reflective here is a little comparison again of how far we have come. 

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Lyn Masters said...

I love your blog and all your posts. Martha us growing very fast. Happy Anniversary and Happy birthday Martha.


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