Wednesday, 27 August 2014


I've mentioned a couple of times in passing that I am doing Slimming World. Well this week was an exciting one. 

I got my stone award. Hurray!!! 

I'm a slow and steady kind of 'loser' normally a pound a week, I can't pull the big numbers in like some can. 

And then I got this.....

How exciting. 

With my new book I went out and bought 1 million spices 

I've not got around to making anything yet but soon. 

It's Martha's birthday in a few weeks (erm what???) so I want to loose as much as I can before then. 

This is what I've had today. 

No breakfast pics, it's normally a bit mad now Martha's isn't napping in the morning I kinda have to fit it in when I can. 

Lunch was homemade butternut squash soup with loads of fruit, a fish stick which I have just discovered I like, a baby bell. A slice of bread and loads of fruit. I'm also trying to up how much water I have. 

Tea was a bit random. We had salmon lots but often with sauces I can't really have now so it became very dry so this is random ok, mushrooms, bacon, carrots, broccoli with passata and beef stock with pasta and salmon and a few prawns for good measure. It was super yummy. 

So is anyone else doing Slimming World at all?  

Rach x 


Clareio said...

congratulations! i've put on 3lb since getting my stone award (i lost half a stone pre-SW so im counting it as 1.5!

The fakeaways book is by far my favourite, the lamb rogan josh is to die for, burger in a bowl hits the spot on days you desperately just want a greasy burger and the SW fried chicken is slowly becoming a go-to meal (although smash chicken nuggets seem to be taking over from it)

Hannah2 said...

Congratulations! Well done on your 1 stone and SOTM!!!! I need to get back on the wagon - lost 3st and been yo-yo-ing around that for ages. Need to commit to it again properly!

hotpotato said...

well done on loosing the stone in weight, steady is better than quick.

Cleo Bonbon said...

I did slimming world a few years ago-very successfully. I need to get back on it soon- we are on holiday right now so when we get back I'll be digging my recipes out!
Be well!

Cleo Bonbon said...

Hi, I did SW a few years ago and was very successful. I've kind of fallen off the wagon but when we return from holiday I'm going to get back on it. Well done!!


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