Sunday, 31 August 2014

11 Months!!!

What?? How?? Why??? 

Here we go into yet another month and the last before the big 12 month. I haven't quite decided what my feelings are at the minute about that, they aren't so jolly at the min anyway. 

Let's start with a few pre cushions shots shall we?

Oh she's such a happy little puppy. 

At 11months you are awesome at bum shuffling, you don't wanna crawl and have no interest in being on your front. You scoot around on your bum and then your arms are free to grab things you should, you are all about things you shouldn't have at the moment. 

You are interested in everything and love to investigate, you use your thumb to touch things where as normally it would be your index figure. It's very cute. 

You have always been very 'vocal' people like to call it but this month you have stepped it up. U are all about mama and dada, normally just mama when you are moaning thou, you ooohhhhh at everything, it's so funny. 

You love to look at books and Oohh and Oohh at every page, you even have started to lift the flaps on some books, but we won't talk about the library hooks eh? 

You haven't had a morning nap for nearly a month now and whilst sometimes the mornings can be hard work you now go to sleep without a bottle or being rocked at 1ish for a good could hours, sometimes more. When I think how I was pinned for hours and hours and end I can't believe it. And I know people said she would grow out of it, but frankly I didn't believe them, 7 months is a long time. 

Your hair has grown loads lately. U are super blonde which is still funny to me but it's super long, well for you and it's very cute. 

You continue to be a diddy girl and clothes vary hugely, you have a tiny waist but long legs so sometimes things are a funny fit. 

You have started playing different lately and love being let loose on all your toys. You love to put your basket on your head. 

I often find you like this if I've popped to the kitchen for something. You love every little thing in the carpet, a piece of thread, a tiny piece of paper, if it's there you will certainly find it. 

You have started handing things to us too. You often want it back quite quickly but it's jolly funny and cute. 

You are so funny and clever. We continue to be amazed by you and the funny little things you do. We feel so lucky that you are our girl and we get to keep you. I think this every single day, even if you are refusing to eat and chucking everything on the floor. I'm so glad you are my daughter. 

Love Mammy xx


Hannah2 said...

Beautiful pictures & beautiful words!

Lyn Masters said...

Martha is so gorgeous and those eyes amazing. I have followed your blog for ages so I love all your updates keep it up please Rachel.


hotpotato said...

so cute.

Anonymous said...

Lovely post. I got a bit teary reading it! She is a gorgeous baby and she is obviously a happy soul.

jess said...

How lovely to record all those little things that make your child, at that time. My girl is 18 months and I wish I'd done this!


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