Thursday, 2 January 2014

Christmas/birthday 2013

This was due to be posted on the 31st though my phone appears not to have done it. Therefore the days are jumbled. 

Hi all. Trying to find a minute to blog has been tricky lately. But Martha appears to have pinned my to the chair so I will try. 

Martha's first Christmas was great. She was a little trooper. She got lots if lovely things which was lovely. Most of which she can't use till she's older anyway lol. So here are a few pics 

We spent Christmas Day with my family and Boxing Day with Robs

Martha also turned 3 months on the 23rd

Martha is such a chatty little thing now. She has started playing with toys and grabbing things. She gives the best gummy smiles but always saves the best ones for when daddy gets in from work. 

It was my birthday yesterday. In true birthday style it rained a day lol 

We went to TGI coz its my favourite. 

Rob completely spoilt me and got me the new paper white kindle. Like now I'm often pinned on nap times but its dark so u can't read so this fixes that problem. Yay. 

I got lots of lovely things. Including this acorn necklace, the acorn is the symbol of my home town so now I have a little piece of home with me all the time. 

We had a quiet afternoon in just the 3 of us, and we attempted a film and I knit a bit and Martha did some crying. Ah can't win them all. 

Today hubby is back to work so me and my girl are having a day in our pjs doing not much & going no where 

We rarely do anything for NYE, it's been raining all day so I think a film & a bit of food is in order. 

Hope you have all had a nice Christmas & have a great New Year. We are looking forward to a quiet year, well as quiet as babies make them. This year we got pregnant and had a baby, last year we got married & I learnt to drive, the year before we bought a house & got engaged. 
So yes just a quiet one for 2014 enjoying our little lives together xx 


hotpotato said...

Happy New Year to you too ans belated birthday wishes. I love the pick of your whole family on Christmas day. Martha is growing up fast, they now start to get interesting.

kamadres said...

Hi Rachel,
I am a bit late, so:
Belated happy birthday!!!
And of course a happy new year!!! :-)


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