Saturday, 4 January 2014

Book review/Kindle Paperwhite

Happy new year all. Hope everyone had a lovely new year. 

I haven't really got around to processing resolution thoughts and such so I'm starting the year with a quick post about some books I've been reading this week. 

For my birthday I got a fab new kindle paper white from my hubby. I had a kindle & used it quite a bit but always found the lack of light to be a pain. 

This solves my problem. I'm quite frequently pinned under a sleeping baby and often in the dark, or it starts light but gets dark lol. So this is perfect. 

I have used it so much already since Monday. I love that its touchscreen. And even more I love that it says how long you have of the chapter. The thing that is great about books is that you can think Oh only X number of pages I may as well keep on going, this new kindle now tells you. I don't know if its just average speed you read or what but it tells you along with how many minutes of the book. Fab huh. 

I am vaguely attempting some routine with Martha so first up is getting her to sleep then I move on to where she sleeps. 

So this week I have been pinned a lot. Which is ok if u are prepared. 

Anyway. I have a million books on my kindle. Ok about 60 ish but I treated myself to one I've been after a while. 

Heaven can wait. 

I have to say I have a bit of a thing about books where the main character dies normally in the first chapter. 
It's not a surprise and you know that's what the book is about. I find it strangely comforting that the worst thing that can happen happens straight away. 

So yes this book she dies the night before her wedding. She then gets to pick if she goes to heaven or to complete a task to become a ghost. 

This book was a really light hearted read and I really liked it. I liked the main character & the idea of doing a task. 

I would really recommend this and I read it in a few days. It was really good fun. 

The Afterlife Academy. 

This one I think is actually a young adults type book but again it has the whole dying thing going on. 

2 students are killed in a car accident and end up in the afterlife academy. The main character is a bully & she died with her victim so the book is them learning new things and trying to come to terms with their deaths. 

I really liked this one, again nothing to deep but just quite light hearted reading. Puts many things in perspective. 

So there you go. That's what I've been doing during nap times & even a little before bed. 

Excited to pick another. I must read some I already have bought and not just keep buying more but when they are so cheap or even free it's hard to resist. 

Rach x

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Michelle said...

Hi, if you like books where the main character dies, try Can't Wait To Get To Heaven by Fannie Flagg. She's the woman who wrote Fried Green Tomatoes at The Whistle Stop Cafe. The main character in CWTGTH dies early on, and then it's about how the rest of the townsfolk react to her death. And there's a twist! I've just finished it, and it was brilliant, really heartwarming!


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