Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Life at 2 Months

I am quite behind on this but wanted to do it. We took the most gorgeous photos of Martha for her 2mths 'shoot' she was on form that day. 


So life. It continues to be like woah!! 
But Martha is deliciously perfect. She has always been so alert but now she follows you round the room, turning her head as she goes. It's robs favourite new game to walk back and forth so she watched him. 

She is super smiley and chats away, her happiest time is first thing on a morning she is just smiley & loves a good kick on her mat. 

Her daytime naps are getting better, we have been using the sling lots & she sleeps very well in that. 

She is starting to sleep in her room in the evening but still with us at night. So slowly getting a evening back. Though this varies completely day by day. 

I am slowly getting 'out there' into baby groups and getting out the house more. Rob is getting the bus to work so I can have the car so we can just nip to the park etc if we want to or need to in order to get her to nap. 

I braved my first trip up 'home' to my parents with just me and Martha. My parents have pretty much been ferrying us up & down the motorway while I healed up. I'm particularly proud as we got a new car recently so was quite a new experience. 

So there you have it. We made it through our first 2 months. ( yes rob did do Movember) 

Lets see what the next month brings. 


Hannah2 said...

Gorgeous pictures! Glad things are settling down a bit for you and you are getting out and about.

hotpotato said...

she's gorgeous Rachel.

Mel said...

That is a cute picture of her and the family pic is lovely - very scrappable!


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