Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Christmas Books

Hi all, quick visit in a tiny bit of baby free time i have ( i know and i choose to blog lol)

I have been buying lots of Christmas books lately, mainly for my kindle or on the Audible Store.

I tend to add them to my 'wish list' then you can see if the price is going up or down as they do vary, sometimes a book is £3.50 and next time its £1.99 so thats better.

I have just started this one and enjoying it so far 

I have a ton waiting for me including these 

I read this one last christmas or was it Audible i forget, anyway this one is great and i loved the first book of hers too which this follows on but this is a lovely book and would really recommend it. 

I signed up to audible sometime in the summer and i really like it, i like audiobooks having been hooked on the Harry Potter ones in the early days, I pay £7.99 a month for a book and you can pick any book for that price, you actually get a months trial so you can get one and then cancel if you want to. I do always listen to the sample and sometimes the narrater is well a bit funny so sometimes i don't get them because i don't like how the speak if that makes sense. 
Being a member you get emails for sales and there are often 30/40/50% off books which is great or some are £5 in addition to your monthly fee but i really recommend them, i use this lots more now i have a little baby as its not always possible to read, though being pinned to the sofa with a sleeping baby means you can get quite a bit of reading done on the kindle certainly. But yes we listen to lots of audiobooks on our walks round the park or just hanging out at home. 

This one was definitely Audible. 

I loved this book it was very christmassy, books have to have lots of christmas and not just set at christmas as thats no fun but i loved this book. 

and again this is audible and i loved this one too. 

This is the one i have picked with my credit this month, i listened to her earlier book in the series previously and can't wait to 'hear' what they are all up to. 

I am currently a few chapters into this one and enjoying it so far.

SO there you go just thought i would let you know what I'm reading/listening to, i plan to write a mini review as and when i finish them.

i have plans to do mini reviews on the ones i have already listened to as i have really enjoyed them all and sometimes its nice to have recommendations isn't it?

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speak soon

Rach x


Kirsteen said...

I've been picking up a few of these in Tesco lately too. Not got round to reading a single one of course! My husband loves audio books and is signed up for Audible. He loved the Harry Potter books with Stephen Fry - he only ever bought the first 6 though - do you know if they released the last one?

naomi said...

Thanks for the recommendations - I've just pinned them all to my reading list board :) Though it'll probably be next year now before I get to them :(


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