Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Lets talk baby knitting

Hello all, Thank you so much for all of your congratulations, i loved all the messages popping up. 

Both Rob and myself are both very excited. 

So lets talk knitting shall we. 
I'll be honest i havent started yet, I have been well nervous, I wanted to wait for our scan before i started so thats fine but i think i have been knitting for my friends babies so long that it kinda feels like a huge deal to knit for my very own baby. Does that sound mad?

Well what i have tentatively been doing is collecting Neutral yarn, now me and my mother appear to disagree on what is neutral but i think this is a nice mix.

Im not really a beige kinda gal, or a lemon or any other neutral time colour, i like bold colours, surely you would put both a boy and a girl in red for example?

And before you ask why of course we are finding out what we are having, I'm a knitter how can i not, i have never understood how someone wouldnt, if anything but for practical reasons , well i will have to agree to disagree on that account with many people. 

So whilst i have not been knitting i have spent many a moment pondering what i will knit when i start.

I havent done ravelry links as it will take ages but i have started a Pinterest Board with things i want to knit. 

So yes the list is long, some are maybe more 'girly or boy'ey' than others but i will just play it by ear i think. 

Some of the harder items i am hoping my mam will do lol, is that cheating?

I like toys but im not a fan of knitting them but this is super cute 

Ooh i have knit this a few times now and already have the yarn, i am using the bamboo cotton in teal, but i think i may need one in every size coz i love this pattern. 

ive knit this many a time too, Little Coffee Bean cardi 

ooh another fiddly but cute one 

maybe more boyish but love those cables 

ah who doesnt love a sausage dog stretched around a cardi?? i had many dog themed cardigans when i was little and im planning on raiding my mams pattern collection at the weekend and picking some

how cute is this 

oohh a 4ply, i have never knit a 4ply item for anyone else's baby but sure i can manage it for my own lol, is that mean?

hoping i might be able to pull this off would i have a boy, but look at the tiny olive bunny aww

ooh another 4ply item (ouch) 

ah cutes right?

So there you do those are my neutrals, I may very well have to quit my job in order to get all of these finished, I am trying to work through some of my smaller WIPS so i dont feel quite as guilty, i have just finished a couple of cardigans for baby violet and a couple of garments for me which i will share when i have sewn buttons on etc

Right i best get on with those buttons. 

Thanks for stopping by and again for all the lovely messages we have had. 

Rach x


JO SOWERBY said...

wow that is alot of baby knitting Rachel but manageable if you start like last year!
I love all the cute detailing on the cardigans you've chosen and the bunnies are adorable.
can't wait to see the new pile of baby knits building up
Jo xxx

Marion L said...

Delurking to say "Congratulations". Love your list of baby knits. My mum knitted the elephant for my first daughter and the rabbit for my second daughter and they are just gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing what you knit up.
Best wishes. Marion

Jo said...

There's one thing for sure, this is going to be the best dressed little person around with three knitters in the family.

Mellie Moo Crochet said...

Congratulations ... I have just heard the good news from Heather!! xx

Attic24 said...

♥CONGRATULATIONS!!!♥ So happy for you, heather told me the news and I could just feel the happiness vibe spinning all around!
Im with you on the non neutral neutrals, when I was pg with my first baby i asked my Mum to knit brights so baby was decked out in oranges and leafy greens and reds, it was ace!
Have fun creating for your weeny one, it is a very special feeling indeed. Lucexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Claire louise said...

Just found your blog, it's lovely. Congratulations on your pregnancy, x


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