Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Finished Objects

Hi all, so i am stopping by today to show you a couple of finished objects.

I am quite pleased with what i have got finished lately, since i am asleep like all the time, (or at least was slowly wearing off) 

So i appear to have started this on the 21st Jan and finished on the 18th Feb which i think its pretty good considering. So i have what 4 or 5 Owls now but i knew with my 'changing shape' they wouldnt exactly fit so i thought i would make a cardigan version. 

I have used Freedom Purity which is normally quite out of my price range but it was on offer over xmas for about £1.80 which was over half price off.

So yes with the help of my chum Gwen i cut this up the knitting having sewn it securely first.
Then added on the button band.

It works really well but already doesnt faster but the good thing about buttons is you have have a few open. 

So yes i am rather pleased with how this has worked out, i did my buttons for all the 'eyes' but i cant find them anywhere. 

Another little item i worked on was Yoked Cardigan. I started this on the 27th of feb and finished the 12th march which is funny coz it felt like i was knitting it all of my life. I had made quite a giant mistake with this, and for some reason i thought this was a chunky weight yarn so off i went, and i kept thinking wow this is big but on i went in my merry little way, but then i noticed yes thats because it was a Aran pattern, well done rachel, i can only assume i was half asleep at the time. 

So yes its finished, i added a couple of buttons to finish it off. 

Ah yes add a cute recipient 

and yay it fits, this is size 6 mths and V is 8mths now but still seems fine for now, and yes i did short sleeves coz i hate knitting sleeves. 

ah and V modelling something i made for her ages ago, i am really chuffed to see she is getting so much wear out of this, shes worn it for the last couple of months so its great. 

So yes i have a few other bits to show you but you know dont want to spoil you. 

I also appear to have started knitting for our baby yay, the slowest garter stitch project ever. 

But you know i'm sure baby is worth a bit of garter stitch, just ask me again when i start a 4ply project lol

Quick thank you to Heather for my little blog post she did the other day.

Right must get back to my knitting. 

Oh yes i have a week off next week so i may need to fill you in on my completely unrealistic knitting goals i have planned for that week lol 

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