Sunday, 9 December 2012


I appear to have a new love in my life. It all started last sunday, well actually it started earlier that week but we had a falling out so i'm saying it started from last sunday.

So as you know i finished my Central Park Hoodie the other day so naturally i needed a new knit to consume all of my time right?

so i started this Rocky Coast Cardigan

So 3pm last sunday i re started this, i learnt that i need stitch markers after every cable pattern in order to keep my little head functioning how it should.

But boy i just loved it and soon caught up with where i had frogged, probably about here. 

It is done in a aran weight but on quite big needles so it goes super quick.

I couldnt put it down and long after rob had fallen asleep on the sofa and Olive had fallen asleep under the christmas tree (cute photos of her to follow) it was well on the way.

And yes i did wake rob up to take these photos and yes it may have been 1am on a school night and no he wasnt impressed.

But man i went to bed that night feeling like the king of the world, i was so proud of how much i had done. 

I took my new best friend everywhere last week, this is us having a spot of lunch one lunch hour. 

and making progress on a evening. 

this is us curled up in bed on a morning no less. 

Did i mentioned the wool im using? I got this from Woolfest last year and its knitting up a dream.

I took my new bestie to my parents house for the weekend and continued on the back. 

Got my sis to do a quick progress pic. 

Took it too my grannies house today where i finished the back of the pattern while tiny snoozed at my grannies feet. 

When i got back to leeds i worked on the rib at the bottom. 

And finally the bottom was finished.

I have the big collar to do and the long sleeves which are in the cable pattern, but boy am i proud of myself for the amount i've got done in a week. I already want one in every colour, i actually bought a giant comedy sized ball of yarn yesterday in a nice grey. 

I would recommend this pattern to any one, its a really enjoyable knit. 

Cant wait for it to be done. 


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