Friday, 16 November 2012

Big fat hook

Hi, so are you liking how i am changing between, random life pics, knitting, honeymoon, scrapping, wedding, pets etc etc yes? lol i am trying.

So a few weeks ago i read the lovely Katherines blog and she had made a snood.

So naturally i copied. So i started with a 9mm hook as directed, you need super bulky yarn, i got this in Hawaii actually (as you do) but others i have used in the UK are cygnet seriously chunky or Wendy Pampas.

So yes my crochet skills are pretty basic but i could still manage it

I got this far by the end of the night

It was pretty addictive so round and round i went, i used 2 balls for mine.

Terrible pic but you know its hard taking photos yourself and a bit less glam than Katherines who are rather magazine like lol

So there you go head to You Tube and learn to crochet and make yourself a quick snood.

Lol snood is a funny word!

1 comment:

heather said...

Love a warm, cozy snood (we call them cowls). I've been living in one this week!


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