Wednesday, 14 November 2012

July Doc 2012

Hi all, finally i have got around to photographing my July pages for my doc 2012.

So July was crazy busy.

So naturally it has to start with the birth of the gorgeous Violet, and yes i was a bit scared about scrapping this gorgeous bundle. But you know i jumped in.

So here we go, on the 1st the gorgeous Violet was born, the 2nd gorgeous Jake was born, the 2nd i also started my 'new' job. The 6th i went to robs oldest friends wedding, i tried on loads of old clothes i could finally get into. I hung out with my 2 gorgeous bunnies (sob), and me and rob suited up for some bunny grooming. 

Little bit more violet love, some bizarre animal sitting, some sun evenings in the garden, some lovely lazy evenings with my boyfriend (lol), i lovely walk with Elijah on his birthday, rob met tiny, Rob turned 28!

We went to my friend Annas wedding, I got a very sad text from violet.

24th July we lost our darling bunny Wilma and my heart broke, then tiny violet came round to cheer me up, we went to sort some wedding stuff at our venue, the Ravellenics started and i finally got to my stone aware at Slimming World.

And my other feature page is our wedding season pages.

Phew! That was a busy month, and they have only got busier since lol. good job i am all caught up on my August pages too lol 

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