Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Photo booth photos

Hello all, so we finally received our USB stick with our photo booth photos after a right carry on actually. But they are here they are awesome and there are loads of them. Wanna see???

There are exactly 2 photos of just me and rob in the photo booth and these are them.

You recognise these gals who came from far and wide.

Ah my bridesmaids and the gorgeous baby Violet who is always up for a good laugh


and me and them.

Vic and her lovely hubby Ant.

Ah my mam and dad who were god fun and partied like stars right till the end

ah you guys!

A few of my old work chums having fun

Some family 

and some more

My gorgeous godson and mammy and daddy (yes we have mammies where I'm from)

The In Laws lol 

The new band JLS (jenny, leanne, sally)

kidnapping my husband


Me and my maid of honour in a nice serious photo

and a fun one with my old college friends

The Harrisons

me and my pops

My chum Charlotte and the cutest flower girl you ever did see

Me and Shim, with her modelling her new Owls jumper i made her for dong a awesome job with the photos.

and some fun ones. Shim being the star she is has already scrapped these pics over at 2 Peas

My and Emily, she was a star doing all our stationary and even did an emergency fix on the day. 

me and the folks and my sis, other sis was a bit sozzled by this point to join in

rob and his folks

Our whole wedding party yay! I love this one!

The usher and best man!

and again

me and the lovely Leanne

Some randoms we found in the bar lol

some posing with my work gals

arm yes lol

robs mental work friends, i have toned down the photos they took!

and one of the only pics where i have my wedding shawl on, they all seem very excited about it lol 

So yes safe to say the photo booth was a hit with the guests, i don't think there wasn't a line all night and we love our photo booth album with all our lovely guests comments. I am looking forward to scrapping these when i can get photobox to upload them as its not playing ball at the minute.

Hope you enjoyed seeing them as much as we enjoyed taking them, unlikely lol but still

Rach x


hotpotato said...

love these pics, look so much fun.

Julia said...

These are just awesome! I wish they had had this idea when I go married. Mmm one to use on my silver wedding maybe? lol!

Libby said...

What fabulous photos. So fun. Love the Mickey ears.


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