Wednesday, 31 October 2012

A brand new Olive

Hi all, so breaking up the Honeymoon pics etc I thought I would give you a little update on our darling Bunny.

As you know we sadly lost gorgeous Wilma in July. Since then my little Olive has been most sad, as of course we have but it turns out little Olive has been getting very poorly. She was at the vet at the end of July and again in August and again in September. 

On the final trip the vet advised to bring her in the house to live as she was probably too ill to be outside so that’s what we did. Now we had them both in from about November till March last year.

So this time it was a couple of months earlier. We had been noticing (before she moved in) a real difference in Olive, she let us hold her for a little longer, and gradually as she came in for a run in the evenings she stopped just lying in her pet carrier (which we brought in each time so she had somewhere ‘safe’ to go), she lay in the little of the floor and everything. 

Then one night she jumped on the sofa, all by herself, there was no one on the sofa at the time. But neither of them had ever done that.

Then the next time she jumped up when both of us where on there and had a little sniff, then the next time she lay down right in-between us. Now out of my bunnies Wilma was certainly the leader, there tends to be when you have two and Olive was always the shy one. If anyone wanted a cuddle of them, I normally went for Olive as she was a bit calmer.

So since she has been a ‘house bunny’ she has just taken on a complete personality transplant. She is always jumping on the sofa and seeing what we are up to, she likes to climb on our laptops (rob does not like this) she investigates what I am knitting and often tries to run away with my wool. She loves nothing more than hanging out by the curtains, we had to buy a little mat coz she is a bit keen on digging in the corner by the curtains. However now she has a new game, we have 2 sofas, and she is obsessed with the red one (the one we rarely sit on) it is a few inches from the floor and she digs and digs to get underneath it then after a while after getting no where she crawls very much on her belly and squeezes herself under there. She lies completely squashed behind the sofa, we can barely reach her, she can barely move but that’s her new favourite place to me.


She has turned into quite a tinker, jumping out on a morning when you go to feed her and don’t really have time to rabbit herd on a morning.

But yes, her ailments are slowly getting better but her personality has grown so much. We are currently having issues with the mess that a house rabbit makes, we have to hoover consistently, and lots of air fresheners and candles (still needs a bit of work) but overall we love having her ‘in’ with us and seeing her little personality shine every day.


hotpotato said...

how cute, I love the pic of her sprawled out by the rug.

Tatty Apple said...

I know exactly what you mean, Rachel :) We have two housebuns - Cally and Wilf - and you really get to see their personalities come out when they live indoors. Cally is a tinker and jumps up on our bed in the morning to demand breakfast and Wilf is like your Olive - always getting into tight spots! Enjoy having Olive in with you - housebunnies are the best :)
Frankie x

JO SOWERBY said...

I brought my rabbit in when I had my house and he loved playing with the cats, well one cat. I'm so glad she is getting better, nothing worse than a poorly pet.
Jo xxx

Hannah2 said...

Such cute piccies, you are so lucky - I am far too allergic to have bunnies or hamsters now :-( hope Olive is around for a long time yet!


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