Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Little Pumpkins

So you may recall a couple of years ago i made a few pumpkin hats, we this year i have sure been a busy bee making them. My general rule is that i do them for the babies first Autumn, otherwise it just takes too long to make them lol

So i started these hats as you do on a beach in Hawaii.

So it was Heathers gorgeous new baby boy that got the first hat, 

My little buddie Violet also got a honeymoon pumpkin hat

Then i ran out of wool, so i bought a giant ball of orange aran in walmart, orange aran is quite hard to come by in the UK strangely. 

So as i have Violet near by she is my hat model. I made one for Jennys baby Jack and Chloes baby Jake. 

This is violet modelling both, bless her

This is Chloes baby Jake, who is one day younger than Violet

This is gorgeous Jack, Jennys little boy who is now 9 months

Then i got a message from my friend, i made a hat for her baby one who was one of the 14 babies born in 2010 and she had had another baby boy in May, she tagged my in this pic on Facebook.

This is Archie, in his big brothers hat, Archie is much older when his brother was so it didn't fit so naturally i had to make him one. 

Look how happy he looks, bless him. 

And just when i thought i was done i got a little message saying that Abigail hadn't ever had one and a little sad face :( lol!

I apear to have not make them last year and therefore missed Abigail Lauras little girl out.

So off i went and got this done in quick time. 

And here is Abigail in hers, she turned one at the end of september

So has halloween came round i got to see these lovely pics

Violet rocking her full outfit

And Abigail in hers.

So there you go, some people think i am bonkers and yes this was quite a lot of pumpkin hats. But when you get photos that are this cute it makes it all worth it.

I use this pattern for them, 4.5mm needles and aran yarn, i have made lots of notes on them all for different sizes as it was trial and error.

Hope you liked seeing these little cuties


1 comment:

Julia said...

Fab hats Rachel - you are very talented and generous! How cute does little Abigail look in her full outift?!


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