Monday, 7 May 2012


Hello, Happy Bank holiday, I am loving not being at work, as ever, i have had a great weekend, lots of crafty fun, time with friends, sewing, knitting, bunnies, even the sunshine made an appearance!

So i thought i would pop over and share a little of what i have been up to, so last weekend on mine and my sisters craftanoon, we also did a little bit of sewing.

I bought some fabric from Quilty Pleasure i think its called.

I planned on sewing some little project bags, a simple drawstring bag.

So i bought 2 'fat quarters' in this super cute fabric by Moda, i gave sis a quick run through as to the machine and she did a bit of practising.

I confess its been a while since i have used the sewing machine, but its a bit like riding a bike, you never really forget.

And this is what we made! We got 2 bags each out of the fat quarter (a quarter of a metre of the fabric)

We were pretty chuffed with ourselves, they are small bags, so just a small project can fit in them.

cute aren't they?

So as I'm a bit lazy i left my sewing machine out and go to thinking about some other things i would like to make. Can i just point out how unhelpful it is to have a cat around when sewing.

thanks for your help millie! 

So i have had this dog fabric for ages, like a least a year and been making to make a cushion for even longer. I went through a bit of a phase before we move in of making cushions.

I use this tutorial i had to search my whole blog to find that link, it was like June 2010 where i found it lol.

And here it is, its a really easy tutorial and works up really quick.

So i had a bit of left over dog fabric so made this

Yay! Its a bigger version of the ones i made last weekend, actually i made two as i had enough fabric.

So i promptly took it round Vics house where she made me sunday lunch and i knit her future baby cute things. Sounds like a good deal to me lol

So there you go, I have really enjoyed doing a bit of sewing, i have some other things in the pipeline.

If you have any cute things you have made then feel free to link it up.

Right must get back to my jolly old bank holiday. 

Thanks for stopping by

Rachel xx

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Rachael Elliott said...

Looks like you have been really busy! Loving all your creations.
How is the diet and wedding planning going?


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