Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Oh go on!

Hello, so quick post tonight as Im sleepy, So on Saturday i went to see Heather and thought i didn't have anything to knit, but i didn't actually have anything that was easy and could be done while chatting away.

So i gave in and cast on another Owls jumper, i am aware i have 2 well 3 if you count the stripy none owl owl jumper.

This yarn is from my cardi of doom that i knit and then re knit and then still hate buts a nightmare to frog so i only have a bit but i am going to knit on it until i run out then will have to buy some unless some kind person wants to come and frog it all??

I also cast on another Baby Sophisticate coz its nice and easy and cute

So as part of my craftanoon with my sis on saturday (i know not yet blogged)

we started a knit along, we both started on saturday afternoon but both promptly frogged it, i think we tried a good few more times that evening but we could get get it to work.

So today as part of my hour on my own after work (while i wait for rob to finish work) i sat in the work canteen with my lovely Harry Potter audiobook and got to work.

So this is Hitchhiker and its looking really cute already yay!

Right well considering i was about falling asleep at my desk at 4 after a naff day i think i am doing pretty well. 

right my bed/kindle is calling

Thanks for visiting

Rach x

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