Sunday, 29 April 2012

Whats that coming over the hill???

Is it a monster??

Is it a monster?

Hello, and welcome to another rainy sunday!

I had a fab day yesterday dyeing yarn with my sister, i have a million photos to share but need to sort them first, so i thought i would brighten up your rainy day with some photos of my latest finished project.

My friend Becky is having her 2nd baby boy in a matter of days (or is due) so i thought i best make 'big brother' a little present too.

So i settled on this guy 

I used Kool Kotton which is my yarn of choice for monsters it appears.

the body knit up crazy fast, as only knitting in the round can do.

3 needle bind off for the head and we were away!

the arms were supposed to be done in the round, magic loop, but there was only like 6 stitches so i did them flat and sewed them up, which i know doesn't look as good but you know!

saturday morning (yesterday) i got to sewing.

Im not sure if you know but the postage in the UK is about to go up crazy amounts so i thought i would get in there today and post the monster and the rest of the baby things i had made.

and here he is having a sit in a pot of Lillies my mam brought up.

I didn't do the tooth or the bobble hands, coz frankly i had ran out of time, but I'm really pleased with him.

you like?

Something i made for the new baby is this cardi Baby Sophisticate  i love this pattern it is my go to baby cardi, i have done 2 so far and about to start another.

I do like miss matching buttons on cardigans.


Right thats all for today, speaking of babies i am off to see my friend Heather who recently shared some news of her own.

right best dash, i still haven't sorted what knitting I'm taking lol

Have a nice rainy sunday

Rachel xx


faith76 said...

Loving the monster and the cardi is the cutest x

Debra said...

Hi Rachel, Love your blog! Just wanted to say how cute your monster is. I'm sure its new owner will be very pleased to receive it!

Susanne said...

What a cute monster, lol, and that sweater is so adorable. I love the idea of the different color and size buttons. We have a first grand baby, a boy born March 6th, and by this fall when the weather is cooler he should fit into something like this. LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing.
Susanne :)

heather said...

Oh my word, that monster is flippin' cute!! Love the stripes and the colors you chose!


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