Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Baby Shower

So on Saturday, I attended Vics baby shower.

So what is a baby shower people often ask, yes its a very American tradition but its sneaked into the UK.

So what do you need for a baby shower.

Well you need a sister to help paint your nails.

You need a couple of nice cold drinks

some pretty balloons and bunting, oh and a very sunny day

so fabulous cakes

some fabulous flowers

oh yes and a bump!

you need your bridesmaids on hand to help with the prep!

a mini photoshoot

with some seriously cute shots

oh yes some excited grandparents

a excited best friend

oh yes and there are those bridesmaids again!

some more cute cakes

some fun games (guessing how big the 'bump' is)

a cute baby guest

ah yes presents

some may be crocheted 

some may be knitted 

 a celeb baby game is essential 

a lovely tree, where we guessed the babys name, DOB, weight and words of wisdom

there are those words of wisdom by grandma to be

and a bit of chilling and looking at presents

a cute pile  of baby clothes

and a sneaky look at the nursery

a very full wardrobe

a very big pile of new things

a lovely pram hiding behind the back door.

So there you go thats how to have a baby shower.

4 weeks to go and we finally get to meet this no doubt gorgeous baby girl we have been so excited to meet.


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Linda Hull said...

Love the baby shower photos xx


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