Monday, 9 April 2012

Yorkshire Adventure

Hi all, hope you you all had a lovely Easter and some nice time off work. So on saturday my sis came to Leeds for a visit, whenever she visits we normally just sit and knit but this day we went for a bit of a road trip. Although I now live in Yorkshire I haven't really explored it much so we decided to go to Ilkley, I have been wanting to go for a long time, i know there is a yummy wool shop there but i just hadn't got around to it.

So i got to do a bit of knitting in the car, i had done the neck on this baby cardi wrong so had to frog back and do it again.

After wondering around a bit and went to Boyes, we have a Boyes at home and Leeds doesn't i do miss it. 
We eventually found the shop Create, most people who like wool and live in this area will have been. But it was our very first time. 

The shop was lovely as expected with lots of yummy yarn, 

the bit i was looking forward to the most is the Ba 'Tat yarn, i believe the shop owner dyes the yarn herself, i got some at woolfest last year (not that I've used it yet) but i do like to see it in real life and it was very yummy.

Nic got a bit of Noro to join with her love hate relationship of it (apparently it has lots of knots in it)

I picked this yummy skein, it was really hard as there were loads i was after.

We then headed to Duttons for Buttons to get some buttons for my Lauriel but there wasn't anything i was loving so we moved on.

We decided as it was still early we would head off to Skipton as it was only another 15 mins away

So stopped off at a cafe and had a hot chocolate.

I had heard there was a new wool shop so headed there to Purl and Jane ooh it was lovely, bit tricky to find if you don't know where you are going. But ooohh ohhh ooohh we loved it.

They had some really different stuff, its nice seeing the usual but they had lots of things i hadn't seen in real life including the Rico Cotton which i had been eyeing up lately. They had loads of cute nick nacks too which is always a plus point in my books in a yarn shop.

I got my buttons here and a tiny bit of wool.

this is my yarn, they were really cheap and really nice colours, i assume it will become a baby item of some description.

We headed to the canal for a bit of a walk about and in shop of the pretty shops.

my sis bought this gorgeous little jug, its lush right??

So off we headed back to Leeds, as we were driving home, i kept thinking about the other skeins i had been deciding between this morning and we literally were about to pass right by the shop again and nicky kindly took us back.

eeekkk! I know i know!

This skein is Winter Roses, i had seen it in the knit studio when i was there a few weeks back but they only had it in aran so there want much yardage but its blooming gorgeous! Like yum!

And this skein is very special, I have decided i am going to knit a wedding shawl, not to wear as such but may be more as a 'prop' for the photos and things, i went for the pink accent colour of our wedding. So now i need to find a shawl, thats pretty but not crazy hard as i am not into tough projects!

Speaking of tough projects, my Lauriel is finally finished yippee! It is currently being blocked upstairs, Im a bit mad at myself for not doing it yesterday as i could have sewn the buttons on today and it would be done, ready to wear!

So i finished knitting on friday and straight away picked up the cardi in the first pick to get it done and yesterday i was working on another baby knit. So this week i am resisting casting on and going to work on the baby hoody i am making for my friends baby and other baby things i have on the go. Then i will pick up my poor neglected Laika and my Jaywalker socks who also need some attention.

My sis ended up staying over so we did a bit of wool winding in the morning.

While we did this Rob did a bit of planing with Millie, yes Millie who is the neighbours cat but who seems to spend most of her time at our house.

We then went to Vics house for a yummy easter lunch and back home for some knitting, well i say knitting it was mainly frogging but you know whats new there.

Hope you have all had a lovely Easter and enjoyed any time off you have got.

Today I doing a few jobs, i have scrapped a couple pages, blocked Lauriel, i have some cooking to do and tonight we are going for a meal for Robs sisters birthday.

So pretty fab few days off really, when are the next ones?

thanks for calling by

Rach xx

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Susanne said...

What a wonderful trip shopping for yarn and just enjoying your day! Sounds like you had a great time!
Susanne :)


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