Thursday, 1 March 2012


Hi all, thanks so much for all your congrats, I am so pleased, i started learning in April and i have to say saving for a wedding and learning to drive isn't the easiest thing to do so huge relief thats out of the way.

I am having a lovely week off with Rob, but today i thought i would come and show you something.

I think i mentioned last week i was going to sort through all my wool and see what i actually have, so on sunday i spent all day doing just that! Wanna see????? of course you do.

I started off in my scrappy room and had to move to the bigger emptier spare room!

Erm there is lots!

I put it in rows depending on the weight of the yarn

this is Chunky

this is super chunky

this is Aran

birds eye view

this is DK and by far the biggest stash!

this is sport and 4ply oh and 2 balls of lace lol

so there you go

ah well i had to didn't i?

this is all my style craft!

Now i know most of it is not fancy wool but this is what i use, anyone wanna guess how much there is??

I sat for ages photographing all the bits which was missing from Ravelry, I'm pleased that most of it was actually on there. Ironically when my friend came round to pick some colours for her baby blanket i didn't have the right colours in the right weight so i had to order 4 more balls of style craft lol.

that arrived this morning, rob didn't bat a eye! He's well trained lol

So there you go, would you dare lay your stash out? i would love to see it if you dare.

Thanks for stopping by

Rach xx


JO SOWERBY said...

mine would be slightly smaller i hope but never the less, it would almost fill at least half of my lounge,
jo xxx

Jackie xxx said...

WOW - fantastic, Hope you put it all away neatly.

I guest you have about 87 balls.

Jackie xxx said...

WOW - I hope you put them away neatly ;-)

I guest you have about 87 ball.s

Susanne said...

My dear, you could open up a yarn shop! Yarn is quite addictive isn't it....
Susanne :)

Debbie Harrison said...

Oh My Gawd!!!!


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